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3 simple steps to seal a deal for your photography business!

While I started my photography business, I used to surf through loads and loads of the work posted by the fellow artists who had immense talent and vision for this art. What attracted me the most is the way they compose an Image and do the post processing to make it look gorgeous. Now one thing that came into my mind is that why not all of them are successful from the business perspective? Even while analyzing my performance I found out that there is way more to do to get highlighted in this huge market where everyone is talented enough to make a living out of it.

In this blog I would like to discuss what is the extra effort we all need to put in to grab our clients attention:

1. Your Work speaks for itself :

The first and the most important point here I would like to make is that your gallery which you are about to showcase to your client has to be very attractive to get the clients attention, be it a candid image or a traditional group photo from a wedding, the picture has to reflect a story, after all this is what we work for to build memories and bring out the stories behind those couples, the families and the friends who make the wedding lively. If you are confident that you fulfill the above points, you are almost there to close the deal.

2. Good Communication Skills:

This is another aspect which is very important for a photographer to run his business. You got to have the confidence to present yourself. Suppose you got a call from a perspective client who is asking you about your photography services and you start to fumble on the call as you are not prepared enough to let him know about the services you offer. The client will loose his/hers confidence upon you and would be skeptical on whether you would be able to do the job for them. Even if you are comfortable in a particular language do let your client know that you would prefer to talk in that language and if he/she is ok with it. By doing that you are defining your client that you are not shying away and you are letting them know about your business in a more convenient manner as per your choice. You also need to be very specific about the rates that you are offering, giving the client any confused statement related to pricing may get you in an awkward situation and would end up doing negative marketing for you.

3. Dress up well before any meeting:

You have an appointment at 9 A.M sharp and your client is very punctual specially when it comes to meetings and appointments. You wake up late and in a hurry you wear an inappropriate costume which may ruin your first impression completely. I have had worked with many freelancer photographers and cinematographers who doesnt pay attention to this point at all. Well, with all due respect to their point of view where they rightly say that talent has nothing to do with my dressing sense (Agreed)! But when your business is dependent on various class of people who have different ways to approach a thought, you may find it difficult to explain your point to each one of them. Some may agree some may not, to cope up with this situation, you just need to put up a decent look when you are visiting a client. They are investing on a life event which may not get repeated ever, so they would love to meet some one who primarily looks professional and are serious about the job they are about to get offered.

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