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Best off beat songs to ace your Pre wedding Video!!

Are you planning to get married soon?? Have you decided the photographer you want to shoot your wedding and other rituals?? If your answer is Yes and you also would like to get your pre wedding covered by him, this post is for you to help you choose the best songs or rather should we say some different songs for your video.

Below mentioned are few of the songs that we have used for our assignments and also are our clients favourites:

1. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years.

Released in the year 2011, this soulful song has touched many hearts and continues to do so, the beautiful lyrics and the way Christina has sung the song really makes it special. This can surely be the one to add spice to your beautiful video.

2. When Chai Met Toast - Firefly

I am sure many of you havent heard this beautiful track by this famous band in Mumbai, as different is their name, the song too has touched many hearts and can be used as a peppy number in your Pre wedding video, your videographer can capture the candid video moments by showing the amount of fun you guys are having during the shoot session. This song has surely the x-factor you are looking for.

3. Prateek Kuhad - 100 words

Who doesnt recognizes this amazing talent who have shown the magic of his voice and lyrics in bollywood. Prateek Kuhad Take a bow! This soft romantic number should definitely be considered for a western style pre wedding video. The wedding photographers from kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and many other places have already listed this song as their favourites. Listen and enjoy the song. The song can be used for outdoor pre wedding shoots or also indoors while the couple is sipping coffee and having a romantic conversation.

4. John Legend - All of Me

As soon as you hear this song, you are surely to get goosebumps. This breath taking song has got some amazing lyrics which truely I am sure would melt your heart, we had used this song for a client who wanted us to shoot his pre wedding video inside a room with no exotic locations whatsoever. This should surely be considered as a perfect song for your candid video shoot.

5. Hamari Atariya Pe | Madhubanti Bagchi

This legendary song originally sung by Begum Akhtar has a class of its own. This cover especifically sung by Madhubanti Bagchi has taken this song to another level. The music also has a blend of western and Indian classical. This song can both be used for your pre wedding video or can be used as a trailer for your wedding video. I am sure this arrangement would surely be loved by the videographer/photography team as well.

6. Sajna Ve - Vishal Mishra | Lisa Mishra

The new talents Vishal & Lisa have released this song very recently and I am sure it hasn't been used by many. It has an amazing foot tapping feeling and could be used while you are shooting your pre wedding film at a beach or any other outdoor locations.

7. Ed Sheeran - Photograph

The song and the singer doesn't need any introduction whatsoever. Just listen to this beautiful piece and enjoy. This song itself has described a photograph so beautifully, its automatically my favourite. Wedding cinematography is a creative art form which needs these kind of beautiful songs to give the video its true shape.

8. Afeemi | Sanah Moidutty & Jigar Saraiya

This is Sachin - Jigars one of the best works till date. The female lead Sanah have casted magical spell to it further. Lovely lyrics, composition and a perfect bollywood song to make your video memorable one.

Hope the list would prove to be helpful for your song selection!! You can write us at tiltedtripodss@gmail.com for any suggestions related to the same.

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