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How to capture stunning Candid moments!!

Its been 5 years now that we had started our journey as wedding and commercial photographers. I still remember how this journey started when a friend just landed from UK and was bit puzzled regarding his pre wedding photography. He surfed google like hell but was clueless about whome to book. He called up for a get together at his house where we offered our services for free. Luckily we got the chance to shoot the beautiful couple. Initially when the shoot started we thought of surfing the internet to search for poses so as we can ask them to replicate the same. Gradually we realized that it was such a stupid idea to even think of it. So we took a break and thought what else can be done to make the shoot more realistic. So we then thought to ask the couple to do whatever they want to, like talk, jump around, crack PJ's within themselves basically have fun and we took a canon 70-200 lens and shot some amazing pictures which was only possible because of the candid moments the couple created.

So here are few points which we have learnt over the years to help the newbies start their campaign with a bang!!

1. Arrange for a meeting before the shoot:

Many of the photographers have been benefited via this practice. This can be done both before the pre-wedding or wedding photography. Now why is this meeting important?? Since they might have booked you via your online portal or social networking sites, it is quiet evident that you and your team are a bunch of complete strangers for them and vice versa. Though this meeting what you guys can achieve is that you can get to know your clients pretty well. It is important to know your clients nature (are they pretty serious kind or complete nutcase, :P trust me I have had this experience of some crazy couples), their taste, their expectations and you too can showcase your ideas to them which would mark an impression about you showing how much serious you are about the project.

2. Never ask them to pose unless they ask for it:

We as creative people are always challenged to think out of the box and try something different, see as much as references via internet and get influenced, please try not to replicate the same as you too need to stand out of the crowd and think of something which has never been tried before both in case of wedding or a pre wedding photography. To make the clients comfortable, you already had a meeting wherein now they know you and your team well so you can be rest assured that they wont shy away from expressing themselves. Dont ask them to pose by showing them a particular photo, rather ask them to be comfortable in whatever posture they want to be and click the pictures in a creative manner. Believe me guys, a technically advanced picture is nothing before a dreamy happy photo of the couple.

3. Get inspired from anywhere:

Wedding Photography is an intensely dynamic and competitive space, very heavily influenced by trends in style and technique. But I believe that following only wedding photographers and their work can be restrictive. So for inspiration and for my own advancement, I follow and study so many different things and people – I watch films, I read all kinds of books and magazines, I follow art and DIY blogs, I cook and watch food shows, I travel and watch travel+nature shows. As time goes on, my taste and style will continue to evolve and that’s the most important part of the job – to stay inspired and begin each shoot with renewed enthusiasm.

4. Search for Happiness/Drama:

Be it a wedding or a pre wedding photography, your main intension should always be to capture the special moments between the family members and the couple. To get an insight of their culture and understand the family dynamics. we can’t ignore the importance of it. But it’s equally important to remember that photographing weddings is like no other commercial photography assignment. We all know that nothing brings a family together like weddings and funerals. So a couples’ wedding day(s) is so much more than an opportunity to create portfolio images – it brings the extended family together for a celebration that they would want to remember for eternity. Our job is to immortalise those memories for them – and we need to do that with a 100% commitment and professionalism.

As much as weddings are about drama, emotions and a lot of heavy stuff, I have to admit that my favourite kind of pictures are the ones that are happy, vivacious, full of laughter and happiness. Soft, dreamy, backlit portraits will always have my heart over dramatically lit environmental portraits. That’s not to say that I can’t or won’t take other kinds of images – I’m a professional and I’ll do everything that’s required to do my job, but my own taste and personality always tends to have me lean towards the bright and happy!

5. Plan and plan till you succeed:

This is something that has always helped me a lot. I’m a planner, a list-maker and that is why I excel at “production” as they call it in commercial photography and film terms. I know that wedding photography is a lot more documentary and as-it-happens than controlled commercial shoots. But who said you can’t learn from another genre of photography? We hold extensive pre-production calls and meetings with our clients, to make sure that we understand their wedding flow, their expectations from their wedding photographer, the details of events taking place, make checklists, find SPOCS amidst their close family and friends to guide us through everything. You can never plan enough and yet, things almost never go to plan. So a combination of great planning, some quick thinking on my feet and a generous dose of common sense goes a long way in helping me ensure that I am always where I need to be and not miss the important moments.

Hope this article helps you to get the Candid Mantra!! Happy clicking till our next blog....