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My thoughts on Concert Photography

I started my career as a wedding Photographer way back in 2014. It was a hobby initially but eventually fell in love with the art and decided to give it a go. Tough call though, like many of the wedding photographers in kolkata or any different city would agree by my point to leave a fixed 9-5 job and follow the passion. Still a long way to go, fingers crossed :)

Music like photography was another passion which I still dream of pursuing. A month back I got a chance to mix both these art forms by covering a gig at the Tollygunj Club... popularly known as the Tolly Club in Kolkata. They were celebrating their 125th Birthday by paying tribute to Woodstock Festival.

Many reputed bands from Kolkata were performing that night and I was fortunate to get a chance to capture it via my lens. I would like to share my experience and also the learning from that gig and the next ones:

Singer : Siddhant Sharma

FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/sidmafiza

This guy was a treat to watch. The energy he bought to his performance was electrifying and was a blessing for any photographer. The major issue I had to face while he was performing was to get him in a frame. It was very difficult indeed as he used the entire stage like his kingdom. Was running around banging his head and the hairstyle added to the flavour. Few tips which I would like to share here. Keep your aperture wide open (around 5.6) and the shutter speed should be high and use the burst mode. ISO settings was between 800- 1200. To cover these kind of larger than life performances you gotta be on your toes all the time. The moment you skip it, you might miss a frame which was worthy of being captured. I used my Nikon D750 which has the flip screen so I was allowed to try some different frames. The lenses I used here were majorly 50mm & 85mm 1.8.

Here are few more images from the concert:

The photos thankfully were appreciated and the musicians were kind enough to share in their respective profiles.

The Big Fish...Mr. Ayushmann Khurrana!!

Right from the Roadies days to the winner of National Award, this guys journey is something to watch for. He came to Kolkata on behalf of Signature Masterclass,being the brand ambassador of the same. I grabbed the opportunity straightaway and enjoyed capturing him to the fullest. What a personna....what a guy...!!

The event was held in Saturday Club near Park Street Kolkata. The crowd was decent enough as only the club members were allowed inside the gig...this was my chance to rectify the earlier mistakes and not to repeat them. I majorly had covered the gig in monochrome mode. As it is rightly said:

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

Sometimes the concert lights specially the green and orange lights have the tendency to damage the essence of the pictures and while you are on the go, it is difficult to change the settings as you may miss a great moment and the action on stage. You can try the monochrome mode and I bet you wont be disappointed. The color temperature in case of color photos have to be monitored constantly.

This gig though was pretty chilled out as the crowd was in control. The passion of the audience was splendid and the charm of Ayushmann did the magic. Here are few of the clicks from the gig. You can also visit my page : https://www.tiltedtripod.net/events-shows to view the gallery.

God Bless you Ayushmann...You indeed are a charmer!! Best of luck for your upcoming releases.

The Soul Hunter Mr. Arijit Singh:

I still find it hard to believe that all of these happened within a month...like all three of the above opportunities. God is kind I must say...

So Arijit singh was scheduled to come on 2nd of Feb 2020. This time a very dear friend of mine helped me get this opportunity. I made it to the photographers zone but damn I was shit scared. The stage was huge with a never ending ramp connected to the main stage. The event was held in Eco Park Kolkata, the attendance was around 10,000 and it went mad on every line sang by this gentleman.

Coming back to the technical part of it, I terribly missed two lenses in my kitty that day

1. An ultra wide angle lens.

2. A zoom lens preferably 70-200mm.

Whenever you get a chance to cover such big shows always remember to carry the above lenses. The output can be insane. I was anyways so much engrossed in his singing that after a moment I almost forgot that I was there to capture images. Such is the voice of this great soul that it can divert anyone's attention.

This gentleman then stood up on stage and decibels ROARED....such a simple, humble human being he is.....the smile that he carried around a decade back was still there....he even accepted the sketches that fans made for him and signed autographs while he already was singing.....God what a charming persona....!!

Hats off to you for your gesture..

The best part though was when he took on the piano and sang some breathtaking bengali numbers.... the Kolkata audience did the harmonica quiet skillfully....

Many singers would come and go but you Arijit Singh are class apart....God bless You!! Hope to meet you someday...

I Still feel I could have done a much more better job...but I wont be much harsh on myself as the singer in front of me was some one I crave for.

That concludes my experience so far...please like/Share/Comment and feel free to add up any suggestions or feedbacks. Lets help each other to improvise each day.