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Things a Wedding Photographer Should always avoid!

Updated: Jan 15

Do you want to know the do’s and don’ts of wedding photography? Many beginners start with experienced wedding photographers and learn from them about the common practices. In this guide, we will share the 7 things a wedding photographer should avoid.

1. Never Panic

For your very first wedding, alway remember not to be nervous or at least to not make it obvious. It would really freak the couple out to know that the person they have trusted with their most special day is nervous. So just stay calm and collected and do a good homework. As in the wedding you are gonna shoot, the small yet significant rituals, the close family and friends of the bride and groom and so on. All this will help you in execution on THE DAY. Also, remember, weddings are most overwhelming for the bride and groom as well, so they might behave like the Bride-zella and the Groom-zella and might even sound rude. Don’t be bothered much and stay focused on your work.

2. Sharing Technical Glitch

It can happen to anyone. Camera failure or any other technical issue should be sorted with backups. We recommend that you don’t share it with anyone.

You should have a backup to all your photography gear. In the wedding photography, you need to be more careful about technical failures.

3. Use your terms wisely:

You may have a good knowledge of photography, but your client don’t know anything. They only need good photos from you. It is recommended that you should use simple words to explain what you need.

Using photography jargon may create troubles for you and your client to understand the situation.

4. Never Shoot Alone

Wedding photography is a team work. You should hire a second shooter for the ceremony. However, if you are shooting alone, then consider taking help from the wedding coordinator.

A second shooter knows photography and they can be a great support, but you can use the coordinator assigned to you for help. Avoid their mistakes and don’t react as it can make you stranded on the venue.

5. Get well dressed

It is important for you to understand that wedding photography is a decent profession. Any improper dress may leave a bad impression, and you can loose the potential clients in the ceremony.

6. Follow the Schedule “Always”

Weddings have a strict schedule that you should follow. It is recommended to reach to the venue early and setup your gear for the shoot. Getting late to the ceremony may cause troubles and you can also miss the important shots.

7. Sign a Contract:

A wedding photography contract has all the details about the shoot. It includes information about number of poses, number of hours for the shoot, prints and more.

The contracts information would further help you to be transparent with respect to the communication being made with the client.